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Welcome to Change Your Story The Podcast! Download your daily dose of truth with Kiersten and Meghan. Because sometimes the story we tell ourselves is not the best version. Change Your Story the Podcast is designed to give our listeners quick nuggets of truth, from helping them go from surviving to thriving.

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Saturday Jan 23, 2021

Still Thinking About New Years Intentions? Here's how to kick off 2021 strong! Music Credit: AWRebels

Saturday Dec 26, 2020

Self Care vs Selfish: How to Say NO The holidays can be tough. How do you say no and do what's best for you?   Music Credit: AWRebels

Friday Nov 13, 2020

Happy (almost) Holidays... we have a special announcement just for you!!   Music Credit: AWRebels

Friday Nov 06, 2020

This week has been rough... let's check in and talk about self care. How are you feeling this week? How can you promote self care?   Music Credit: AWRebels

Saturday Oct 31, 2020

Looking at social media can sometimes be overwhelming. Kiersten and Meghan talk about taking off that "mask of perfection" we see in every day life.   Music Credit: AWRebels

Sunday Oct 25, 2020

Pandemic living has heaped the stress upon us emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. There seems to be no space to have time to think about nothing or simply do nothing! Kiersten and Meghan chat about how to create space during this time!   Music Credit: AWRebels

Sunday Oct 11, 2020

How we process language and interpret the meaning behind words is different for everyone. Bring awareness to how specific words alter your energy levels and focus on feeding yourself with words that make you feel inspired, enthusiastic and motivated ! You are worth it 🧡   Music Credit: AWRebels

Sunday Oct 11, 2020

This is a challenging time! It's easy to live in a state of feeling fatigued emotionally, physically and spiritually and it starts to feel like Ground Hog day. Stop and center yourself. Recognize that what you could accomplish pre pandemic is different than the present circumstances. Use compassion to help improve your mood and go easy on yourself! You are worth it!   Music Credit: AWRebels

Friday Oct 09, 2020

Step 1: Pay attention to your internal self talk - Does it hold positive or negative energy? Listen for more! You Are Worth It!   Music Credit: AWRebels

Friday Oct 09, 2020

Don't get caught up in confusion and Indecision. Follow your GPS, keep It simple, and review your options. Follow these steps!You Are Worth It!   Music Credit: AWRebels

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